Structural and concrete studies in Monaco

Structural and concrete studies in Monaco building survey in Monaco ? B.E.T Giudice offers you its expertise for all concrete studies. Thanks to the experience and know-how of our concrete engineers, we can analyse all the parameters that will allow you to undertake with serenity the work for the realisation of your project.

B.E.T Giudice is a specialist in general construction engineering. As such, we can intervene at all stages of the construction or renovation of a building, starting with the study phase. The latter is fundamental and takes into account several elements.

Our Method


Our structural design office will provide you with sound advice and a personalised approach to the realisation of your project.




With more than 20 years of experience in general construction engineering, our structural design office can assist you in carrying out your projects.




Before a project is carried out, our structural design office carries out a technical and financial study to analyse the feasibility of your project.



Project management

Our design office offers complete or partial project management for the coordination of your entire project until the delivery of the performance document.



The competencesof the B.E.T Giudice

At this level, our engineering office carries out a thorough analysis of the various technical and financial aspects of your project, in order to assess its feasibility (Example : pool construction project). We make sure that all the necessary conditions are met and take into account any changes before the actual work is carried out. A team of competent and enthusiastic engineers is available to discuss your project. Depending on your requirements, they will help you draw up the concrete structure plans and validate questions relating to architecture, budget, materials, etc. They will also stay by your side until the work is completed.

Contact B.E.T Giudice in the event of defects or cracks in your building. We will quickly dispatch a team to come and assess the extent of the damage and propose solutions to repair the imperfections found. In addition, for all services, our firm provides you with a team of experts in construction economics. They will help you evaluate the cost of all the work to be carried out. On this basis, an estimate will be drawn up and brought to your attention so that you can plan the budget required for the complete implementation of your project.

The Services



The B.E.T GIUDICE accompanies you in your construction, renovation, rehabilitation or extension projects.



B.E.T GIUDICE brings you its know-how for your concrete or metal structure plans for your building.



Our structural design office will assist you in the calculation and execution of the plans.



LE B.E.T GIUDICE offers you its services to carry out a vertical or horizontal extension of your villa, building or commercial premises.



The B.E.T GIUDICE offers you a structural study of your building, for which we carry out a study of the various load-bearing elements of the structure.



Our construction economists will give you an estimate of the cost of the work, for example by calculating the quantity of concrete, steel etc.

B.E.T Giudice : your partner of choice for a concrete study in Monaco

Created by Hugues Giudice, the design office has been specialising for over 20 years in the building industry. We operate throughout the French Riviera and in Monaco to carry out all your concrete and structural studies. Our team of qualified concrete engineers is dedicated to your project and provides you with reliable and high quality services.

Because your satisfaction is important to us, we are deeply involved in your project to ensure that it is a success. We analyse every aspect of your project in order to facilitate its implementation at every stage. We study the work to be carried out in detail, in order to offer you safe and sustainable solutions, as well as the most effective method for carrying them out. Call on the Giudice design office for any concrete study in Monaco.

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