Study of concrete and steel structures

Our building experts will assist you in the design of concrete structures

Specialist in general construction engineering, B.E.T GIUDICE ensures the design of concrete or steel structure plans. With more than 25 years of experience, we can work on all types of sites: construction, renovation, reinforcement of existing structures, raising of a villa or building, etc. A dedicated concrete engineer will assist you and advise you on the best options for your work.

Regardless of the size of the your project, we will always find the best ways to establish a structure plan adapted to your expectations. From project design to site supervision and management: our team of structural engineers accompany you throughout your construction project. Our design office provides qualified assistance in the design of all types of structures. The experience and unique know-how of our structural engineers are the guarantors of a optimised quality which is also source of savings..


B.E.T GIUDICE: Study of concrete and metal structures

Establish a structure plan is no mean feat. To ensure the success of your pIf you are planning a construction or renovation project, you should entrust the structural study to building professionals. Our design office is at your disposal to carry out all your studies in the field of construction or renovation (opening in a load-bearing wall, crack analysis, landslide, earthquake study, etc.).

Whether it is a concrete construction or other, our team meets your needs. In addition, our construction economics experts are also available to assist you in analysing the costs involved in your project.

ingénieur en béton pour la construction de bâtiments

B.E.T GIUDICE: Our experts in construction economics at your service

Our engineering office with a human scale has professionals in construction economics. They will accompany you throughout your project, analysing the project in its entirety in order to establish a thorough technical and financial study. In order to achieve significant savings for your work , of our economists is carried out with the utmost care.

For this purpose, our team offers you a complete range of services:

• Cost study
• Production of 2D and 3D plans
• Site visits and certificate of completion.

For optimise material quantities and generate a potential source of savings, our construction economics professionals do their utmost to find you the best budgetary solutions via technical variants. Namely, our structural design and construction economist services are aimed at both individuals and professionals in Nice, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco.

The Services



The B.E.T GIUDICE accompanies you in your construction, renovation, rehabilitation or extension projects.



B.E.T GIUDICE brings you its know-how for your concrete or metal structure plans for your building.



Our structural design office will assist you in the calculation and execution of the plans.



LE B.E.T GIUDICE offers you its services to carry out a vertical or horizontal extension of your villa, building or commercial premises.



The B.E.T GIUDICE offers you a structural study of your building, for which we carry out a study of the various load-bearing elements of the structure.



Our construction economists will give you an estimate of the cost of the work, for example by calculating the quantity of concrete, steel etc.

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