Structural and concrete studies in Nice

Are you initiating a construction, renovation or rehabilitation project in the city of Nice? The B.E.T Giudice building design office will assist you on a technical and financial level. Constituted structural engineers and construction economists, the firm has proven know-how and experience that we put at the service of all our clients.

Our building design office B.E.T Giudice is involved in the field of construction, renovation and rehabilitation. For the construction of your building, we have the skills to study and optimise the structure of new buildings and old structures.

Our Method


Our structural design office will provide you with sound advice and a personalised approach to the realisation of your project.




With more than 20 years of experience in general construction engineering, our structural design office can assist you in carrying out your projects.




Before a project is carried out, our structural design office carries out a technical and financial study to analyse the feasibility of your project.



Project management

Our design office offers complete or partial project management for the coordination of your entire project until the delivery of the performance document.



The areas of intervention of the B.E.T Giudice

Our expertise also extends to industrial sites and public works. Before entrusting you to a concrete engineer, we first carry out a technical and financial analysis of your project. With our support, you will benefit from an accurate assessment of the execution plans, the cost evaluation of the provisional works and the acceptance of the works.

To make your renovation projects a success, we offer you the most suitable solution. Our knowledge and experience in the field allow us to assist and guide you from the preliminary project to the completion of the process. Whether it is the opening of a load-bearing wall, the search for defects, the repair of cracks in the wall, the construction of a swimming pool or the raising of a wall, we are able to meet your expectations.

The areas of competence of the B.E.T Giudice also extend to the rehabilitation of a house or business premises. For the success of such an assignment, the help of a qualified professional is essential. The advantage of our design office lies in the assistance we provide not only in the steps of your project, but also in the quality of the services we offer. We provide you with a quality structural diagnosis.

The Services



The B.E.T GIUDICE accompanies you in your construction, renovation, rehabilitation or extension projects.



B.E.T GIUDICE brings you its know-how for your concrete or metal structure plans for your building.



Our structural design office will assist you in the calculation and execution of the plans.



LE B.E.T GIUDICE offers you its services to carry out a vertical or horizontal extension of your villa, building or commercial premises.



The B.E.T GIUDICE offers you a structural study of your building, for which we carry out a study of the various load-bearing elements of the structure.



Our construction economists will give you an estimate of the cost of the work, for example by calculating the quantity of concrete, steel etc.

Benefit from the expertise of our structural engineers

To make a success of your construction, renovation or rehabilitation project in Nice, rely on the services offered by our building design office. With 25 years of experience in general construction engineering, we can provide you with sound advice for the success of your project.

Our extensive experience is the basis of our expertise. We master all the details and specifics of general construction engineering. We listen to your expectations and take the time to study your project in detail. The quality of our services remains the major asset of our structure. We advise you on the materials to be used so that you make the best choice.

In addition, we also have a number of top-of-the-range projects to our credit in several towns on the Côte d’Azur (Cannes, Monaco, Mougins, etc.). The quality of our services is justified by the contribution of a qualified workforce. Our team consists of of concrete engineers competent, construction economists and building professionals. Entrust your construction, renovation or rehabilitation project in Nice to our building design office, and our team of experts will meet your expectations.

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