Structural and concrete studies in Cannes

Would you like to build a building or renovate your home? house in Cannes ? B.E.T Giudice, our building design office, recommends its assistance for all technical and financial considerations related to your project.

Our team consists of structural engineers and construction economists whose expertise and experience will be invaluable to the success of your project. Whether it’s a question of construction, renovation or rehabilitation, but also of housing, industrial sites or public works, you can rely on us to achieve a result that fully meets your expectations.

Our Method


Our structural design office will provide you with sound advice and a personalised approach to the realisation of your project.




With more than 20 years of experience in general construction engineering, our structural design office can assist you in carrying out your projects.




Before a project is carried out, our structural design office carries out a technical and financial study to analyse the feasibility of your project.



Project management

Our design office offers complete or partial project management for the coordination of your entire project until the delivery of the performance document.



Our values and commitments at B.E.T. Giudice

Our company prides itself on the passion with which we work on each and every project that is entrusted to us. We are serious and absolutely worthy of your trust. We are constantly striving to find efficient, innovative, personalised and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs and give you the satisfaction you deserve. No matter how big or small your project is, you can be sure that we will give it all the attention we can, and that we will take the utmost care in its execution.

We aim to work as quickly as possible to provide you with the fastest possible service. Of course, we always offer technical solutions that are built to last. You can also count on our advice : we will be able to inform you and guide you as best as possible so that your choices are the best possible.

We have been at your service for more than twenty years. contact us now online to ask for our help, to tell us about your project and your expectations, or to obtain information about our services and our prices.

The Services



The B.E.T GIUDICE accompanies you in your construction, renovation, rehabilitation or extension projects.



B.E.T GIUDICE brings you its know-how for your concrete or metal structure plans for your building.



Our structural design office will assist you in the calculation and execution of the plans.



LE B.E.T GIUDICE offers you its services to carry out a vertical or horizontal extension of your villa, building or commercial premises.



The B.E.T GIUDICE offers you a structural study of your building, for which we carry out a study of the various load-bearing elements of the structure.



Our construction economists will give you an estimate of the cost of the work, for example by calculating the quantity of concrete, steel etc.

Some of our services in Cannes

Our design office will draw up plans for you for concrete or metal structures. The design of such a plan is not a simple matter. It must be entrusted to competent and experienced building professionals. The engineers in our team will be able to carry out your structural study in the simplest as well as in the most complex cases in an impeccable manner. You can therefore rely on our know-how for a crack analysis, a landslide, the opening of a load-bearing wall or even an earthquake study.

Would you like to start an extension project? If your family has grown over the years and you are short of space in your house, we can help you to extend it to the sides. While respecting town planning regulations and practical considerations, we will ensure that the extension blends in perfectly with the existing house.

We are regularly called upon for renovation projects that include underpinning the foundations of a house, opening a load-bearing wall or building a retaining wall.

Our services in construction economics

What can we do for you as a specialist in construction economics ? Whatever the nature of your project, one of our experts will start by assessing the cost of the work you wish to have done. We will then provide you with a detailed estimate that will be particularly useful in establishing your budget.

Our expertise in construction economics extends beyond the initial stages of your project: during the construction or renovation work, our project manager ensures that your budget is respected without compromising the quality of the work and the deadlines set.

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