Structural and concrete studies in Antibes

Making a structure plan requires the intervention of a concrete engineer. With a team experienced in the task, we offer you our services for the concrete study of your building in Antibes. This article briefly presents the strengths of our design office and what you gain by trusting us.

The services offered by B.E.T Giudice show the versatility of the group. With a team of experts in several fields, we offer useful services at all levels of your project. Our studies concern both concrete structures and metal structures. First of all, our concrete engineers carry out a technical and financial study of the work to be done. This preliminary exercise makes it possible to master the contours of the site. Our engineers also identify any additional work that may be required.

Our Method


Our structural design office will provide you with sound advice and a personalised approach to the realisation of your project.




With more than 20 years of experience in general construction engineering, our structural design office can assist you in carrying out your projects.




Before a project is carried out, our structural design office carries out a technical and financial study to analyse the feasibility of your project.



Project management

Our design office offers complete or partial project management for the coordination of your entire project until the delivery of the performance document.



Concrete engineer for the study of buildings in Antibes

In addition, our panel construction economists will study the costs necessary to carry out your project. They combine several techniques and options, with the sole aim of reducing the budget. They combine several techniques and options, with the sole aim of reducing the budget. Our support also avoids mistakes that can cost you time and money. Our design office also carries out studies for your swimming pool (construction project, waterproofing, cracks etc).

B.E.T Giudice offers its services to private individuals as well as to companies and communities. Our services cover various works: construction and rehabilitation, renovation of cracked buildings, repair of defects. Our services also include the extension of villas and the raising of buildings of all kinds. Whether it’s a retaining wall or an earthquake-resistant structure, we offer you a building structure study in Antibes.

The Services



The B.E.T GIUDICE accompanies you in your construction, renovation, rehabilitation or extension projects.



B.E.T GIUDICE brings you its know-how for your concrete or metal structure plans for your building.



Our structural design office will assist you in the calculation and execution of the plans.



LE B.E.T GIUDICE offers you its services to carry out a vertical or horizontal extension of your villa, building or commercial premises.



The B.E.T GIUDICE offers you a structural study of your building, for which we carry out a study of the various load-bearing elements of the structure.



Our construction economists will give you an estimate of the cost of the work, for example by calculating the quantity of concrete, steel etc.

This is why you should choose B.E.T Giudice

B.E.T Giudice has 25 years of experience in serving its clients’ ambitions. Founded by Mr. Hugues Giudice, a concrete engineer by training, the design office is dedicated to all your construction or renovation work. His leadership and dedication to a job well done determine all his choices.

Our main leitmotiv is to build solid and durable buildings. This motivation allows the design office to enjoy a proud reputation in Antibes and throughout the French Riviera. The B.E.T Giudice team is made up of professionals and multidimensional experts. Lawyers to deal with legal issues, economists for the budget, engineers for the technical side. In short, all aspects of your project are given special attention. Moreover, “there are no small projects” here. Toutes vos exigences font l’objet de la même attention et de la même considération. In short, our technical solutions are perfectly suited to your ambitions.

True to the Giudice philosophy, we are constantly raising our standards. Entrusting us with the management of your project is the assurance of a rapid, secure and lasting result. Need for experienced experts for a building survey in Antibes ? Le B.E.T Giudice correspond au partenaire idéal que vous recherchez, contactez-nous et nous prendrons en main votre projet.

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